Class Descriptions

The Yoga Center offers many Kripalu Yoga and yoga nidra classes:

Check out our current class schedule for dates and times. To learn more about class rates, visit our Rates Page.  We encourage you to register for classes.

Beginner Yoga w/ Jim Readey

These classes are for students who are brand-new to yoga, or who simply want to review the basics. Topics covered include basic breathing techniques, the importance of relaxing within a pose, as well as detailed physical instructions for our postures.

All Levels Yoga w/ Jim Readey

These classes are for students of all practice levels and experience… kind of like a one-room schoolhouse. As with the intermediate classes, “all levels” classes take their inspiration, in part, from the desires and needs of the students in the room at the time.

Vigorous Yoga w/ Jim Readey

These classes are for students with some yoga experience who desire to take their practice deeper, and are willing to be challenged. Simultaneously, students are gently encouraged to listen to their bodies, notice when ego’s tendency to push too hard  is at play, and back off from such over-striving during practice.

Extreme Yoga w/ Jim Readey

This extreme yoga class offers a vigorously-paced practice that will challenge even the most experienced yogi, giving students plenty of opportunity to play their edge while stretching, balancing, developing increased flexiblitiy and core strength, and — perhaps — sweating just a bit.  Joy and laughter are encouraged … yoga is far too important to take seriously!

Introduction to Yoga Nidra with Jim Readey

In this series, students will learn the essentials of yoga nidra in an experiential, interactive setting.  Each class will consist of preparatory exercises, as well as an extended yoga nidra practice at the end.

About yoga nidra: While many meditation techniques tend to plunk us down on a cushion, and leave us alone to clear our mind, yoga nidra takes us by the hand and leads us on a guided tour of our inner terrain.  In this way, we attain a deep understanding of the meditation process as it unfolds.  Students experience profound relaxation on physical, mental, and emotional levels … as well as — not infrequently — life-transforming insights.