Yoga Class Pricing

☻1st class is free, if first-time student registering for any series (you must mention this promotion to your teacher at your first class).
☻ If it is your first time to this class, we ask you to email us in advance.
☻ Please ask about financial assistance

Single drop-in: $18

4 classes (4 wks. expiration):   $55
8 classes (8 wks. expiration):    $98

8 classes (4 wks. expiration):     $75
16 classes (8 wks. expiration): $135

12 classes (4 wks. expiration):  $95

flexible plans:
4 classes (3-mo. expiration):    $60
8 classes (5-mo. expiration):  $115

Yoga Nidra Class Pricing

  • Yoga Nidra classes are by registration, and full 8-wk. series, only 
  •  Please email us to register in advance

8-week series = $125-160  

One-on-One Sessions*
*std. session length is 90 mins.

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  1. Hi Jim, If there is space, Kathy & I are going to do the Yoga Nidra program starting tomorrow and running for eight weeks. We’ll watch your web site to see if tomorrow’s class is postponed because of the snowstorm. Joe

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