Jim Readey, Owner

Jim is a Kripalu-certified Yoga Teacher,  iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher,
Holistic Health Instructor, and Yoga Teacher Mentor, as well as Thai Massage Practitioner and Improv Comedy Instructor. He runs The Yoga Center in Concord, NH, where he has been teaching yoga for over 15 years. Jim’s practice blends the physical benefits of yoga with its power to awaken compassion, self-
awareness, and self-love. In his classes, students discover how to relax deeply, develop physical strength and flexibility, release tension, and find serenity of mind, body, and spirit.

Jim uses yoga nidra with clients in both private and group sessions. He also weaves yoga nidra practices and philosophy into his many yoga classes and workshops. His work has helped individuals successfully address a wide-range of issues, including anxiety, insomnia, inter-personal conflict, physical ailments, and depression.

At the core of all Jim’s teachings is the belief that we each have within us all the answers we need in order to live full, joyful, meaningful lives. He views his role as holding space for his clients, and helping them connect with their own deep wisdom. His extensive training and experience in this field, along with his deep passion for supporting others on their life’s journey, makes Jim’s sessions both insightful and powerfully effective. He delights in working with clients who are ready for change, and who wish to discover the untapped possibilities of their lives.

Jim also presents frequent workshops on such topics as conscious communication skills, improv comedy as spiritual practice, creativity, yoga for couples, yoga for men, and creating healthy lifestyles. You can email Jim or call him at (603) 224-2183.