Kripalu Yoga

camel-prepThese classes blend yoga’s physical benefits with its power to awaken compassion. Using special breathing techniques, and yoga postures for toning, strength, and flexibility, students learn to let go of tension from both body and mind. The relaxing experience leaves students feeling calm and rejuvenated, empowered to create a more full and healthy connection to life.

The word “yoga” means union…union of body, mind, and spirit. Much more than just stretching, yoga can be a path to self-knowledge. By developing awareness of the body and the workings of the mind, we can gradually attain a state of ever-increasing health, well-being, and spiritual harmony.

In yoga classes, we often focus on physical postures (along with conscious breathing). These techniques allow us to work with the body’s own wisdom and desire to exercise, stretch, and tone every muscle and joint, the spine and skeletal system, as well as the internal organs, glands, and nerves. This keeps all the systems in radiant health. The postures also work to release mental, emotional, and physical tension, which can liberate vast reserves of energy.

savasanaIn Kripalu Yoga, relaxation, not effort, is the key to activating this energy. This is why you are guided to move at your own pace, honoring your body’s needs in each moment. Kripalu Yoga develops the body, mind, and spirit in a compassionate and non-judgmental way. You leave the class feeling uplifted and centered, radiant and peaceful.

Benefits of Kripalu Yoga
Stretches and tones muscles * Releases chronic tension * Improves circulation * Energizes and refreshes your mind * Calms restless thoughts * Cultivates concentration * Supports mental clarity and confidence * Promotes self-awareness * Connects you to your Self * Encourages self-acceptance * Honors inner wisdom * Invites deep stillness