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Give the gift of classes or private yoga sessions (including Thai yoga, yoga nidra, yoga refinements, etc.) to the persons you love!Thai


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Exciting Yoga-Related Products

The Rumble Roller and Beastie Ball are products that some of us at the Yoga Center have recently fallen in love with — and that’s not hyperbole: They’re unbelievably helpful tools that make it easy to give yourself a deeply-effective, honest-to-goodness, myofascial-release massage! For the most part, you simply lie on top of the ingenius little gizmo and allow gravity to do the work. Pretty simple! You can use either of these just about anywhere there’s a floor, wall, chair, or car seat. (And there’s no tip or payment for a massage therapist required, because you’re in charge! A big “sorry” to all of my MT friends. 🙁 )

More descriptions and helpful videos will be coming soon. In the meantime, just click on one of the photos, and you’ll be taken directly to the seller’s catalog page where you can browse or buy:Rumble Rollers

Rumble roller
                                         Rumble Roller





massage tools
                                    Beastie Ball