Yoga Classes

Monday:  Beginner Yoga (5:30 – 7:00 pm)

For students who are brand-new to yoga, or who simply want to review the basics. Topics covered include basic breathing techniques, the importance of relaxing within a pose, as well as detailed physical instructions for our postures.


Tuesday:  Yoga & Yoga Nidra (5:30 – 7:00 pm)

For students who want a little more meditation and relaxation in their spiritual practice. Each class begins with some warming-up stretches, and traditional breathwork and yoga poses, and then concludes with a deeply-relaxing 30-minute body scan that encourages awareness and letting go on the deepest levels of our being.  The focus is on releasing tension and striving, and dropping fully into the bliss of the present moment. Yum!


Wednesday:  All Levels Yoga (5:30 – 7:00 pm)

For students of all practice levels and experience… Kind of like a one-room schoolhouse, “all levels” classes take their inspiration, in part, from the desires and needs of the students present in the room.


Thursday:  Yoga & Functional Core Strength  (5:30-7:00 pm)

This unique yoga class offers a vigorously-paced practice that will challenge even the most experienced yogi.  All levels are welcome in this class that offers students plenty of opportunity to play their edge while stretching, balancing, developing increased flexibility and functional core strength.  Sweating is an option, though not required – everyone is strongly supported to work at their own pace.  Joy and laughter are also encouraged … we believe yoga is far too important to take seriously!



All classes currently taught by Kripalu teacher, Jim Readey

2 thoughts on “Yoga Classes”

    1. Hi Carol,

      Once in a while we’ve had a parent with a child in the class abscess but it has usually been a fairly mature teenager.

      Were you planning to attend with your child? Do you, yourself, have any yoga experience? If not, I think it’s challenging enough to be in class learning yoga without having to keep an eye on an eight-year-old.

      Because I receive these kinds of questions periodically, I would consider offering – perhaps, on a Saturday – a “family yoga class” in which parents and children would be welcome together…

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