Quickie Meditation

“Micro” Meditation

   I’ve learned I need only about 30 seconds to temporarily disengage from my busy thinking mind. So, periodically throughout my day, I’ll just stop whatever I’m doing and close my eyes for six breaths. Usually, around breath #5, I’ll experience an energetic downshift (often accompanied by an audible sigh). Ahhh…

   It’s oh-so simple, and even feels a bit magical every time. For a few blessed moments, I feel like I’m in gentle touch with my core. Even when I go back to whatever I’m working on, I still have a renewed sense of being closer to my true self. When I do this every hour or two, I find that I rarely stray a great distance from my being’s center.

   Rather than trying to meditate for one long sitting, I find it much easier and more effective to sprinkle these mini-timeouts throughout my day. Even when they’re all added together, it actually takes less time, this way…and these micro-practices invariably leave me feeling deeply nourished and content.