Upcoming Workshops

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upcoming workshops:.

Yoga for Couples (a Valentines Date)

 Saturday,  Feb. 10, 2018
12:30  – 5:30 pm

A luscious timeout for couples — and afternoon yoga and mindfulness “date” with your sweetheart. ♥♥
To read more about the Couples Valentines event, or to sign up:
        ○  click here



Some of Our Past Workshops





☺ Spontaneity & Creativity Training (Through Improvisational Comedy Technique) 

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018:
6:30 – 9:00 pm
Learn how to be creative on the spot — in a fun way without interference from anxiety or the inner critic’s voice 
To read more about the Improv workshop, or to sign up:
        ○  click here

Sun & Moon Intensive: Balancing the Masculine & Feminine Within

Saturday,  Feb. 3, 2018
1:00  – 4:30 pm

Cultivating internal harmony by learning to balance our yin & yang — our masculine & feminine energies.
to read more about the Sun & Moon event, or to sign up:
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Healing Touch (Thai Massage for Couples, Friends…Everyone!)

(Saturday, November 18, 2017:  1:00  – 5:00 pm)

     to read more about the Healing Touch event, or to sign up:
        ○  click here

The Art of Listening (FREE!)

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018:
7:00 – 9:00 pm

Effective listening is gentle, effortless, and comfortable for everyone — and it holds the capacity to heal.

(To learn more or register for The Art of Listening, click here)

 Men & Yoga ~ A User-Friendly Approach for Guys

(Saturday, November 4, 2017:  5:00 – 7:15 pm) FREE/by donation (suggested sliding scale $15-25)

     to sign up for the Men & Yoga workshop:
        ○  click here


Loving Touch (Thai Massage for Couples)

(Saturday, April 22, 2017:  1:00  – 5:00 pm)

     to read more about the Couples Touch event, or to sign up:
        ○  click here

Reclaiming Your Creativity

 (Saturday, February 25, 2017:  10:00 am – 1:00 pm)

     to read more about the Creativity Workshop, or to sign up:
        ○  click here

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Workshops”

  1. Hi Jim and Victor,
    I’d like to learn more and find out what the 8 week men’s course costs ( do not need to break down the payment). I am sending this note so you have my e-mail address. Cheers

    1. Hi Bruce,

      Good to hear from you! (I’m just seeing this email, now…no notification from my website. 🙁 )

      Vincent and I sure hope you’ll be joining us! ☺ Here is a link to the webpage detailing the 8-wk. series (click here). The cost for the 8 weeks is $118. (We’ve brought it up into alignment with the other classes offered at the Yoga Center, after the loss-leader trial period.) Let me know if this is beyond your budget — we could then look at financial assistance.

      (You may want to respond to my usual email account, yogaphile@yahoo.com, by the way…not sure if my website is dependable at relaying notifications — based on this experience, it’s probably not! I’d respond to YOUR email address, but it’s not showing on my end…)


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